As you consider The Renova Corporation, we think it’s important for you to know the expertise we’ve brought to all sizes of domestic and international organizations.  We also want you to be aware of what we can bring to your table:

Developing an Integrated Strategy for Success Based on Management Objectives

With a focus on tomorrow, we help your organization define a practical yet compelling definition of where your organization needs to head and how it will get there. We facilitate a comprehensive strategy that accounts for key elements like the competitive landscape, the voice of the customer, new technologies and systems, product development and the organizational culture.

Designing and implementing Change Management Strategies to Achieve Corporate Objectives

Implementing and managing change has become the most essential tool for success in today’s marketplace. By understanding the drivers of change and implementing systems to make change happen quickly, we help your organization mobilize commitment and move to the head of the pack in competitive sustainability.

Assessing and Aligning Culture and Leadership Practices with Corporate Strategy

Whether you’re dealing with tearing down the walls of departments or merging companies, aligning and integrating cultures is an essential step toward achieving your organization’s strategic goals. We can help you not only assess the cultures with which you’re working but we also can help you integrate these cultures without compromising the spirit of your workforce.

Building Teams, Leadership Development and Individual Coaching

Renova’s team building program isn’t about ropes courses, weekend retreats or just getting on well together. It is about putting into place a complete process that considers work products, identifying purpose and goals and concentrating group energy on achieving results.

Designing and Facilitating Meetings

In today’s time-challenged workplace, clarity of business issues, high-energy interaction and robust agendas are key…and Renova provides the guidance you need to achieve each of these elements. We use the best interactive methods that allow your employees to address the “right” issues and own the process and products of their meeting, whether they are planning the future or building the team.