Sherrill Burns

B.A. Psych. and Soc.

Sherrill Burns

Sherrill Burns has spent over twenty years in support of the implementation side of strategic change working in a wide range of organizations of varying sizes from diverse sectors and industries. Early in her career she worked in high-technology in the fields of strategic project leadership, training and leadership development, human resources and organizational development, focusing particularly on organizational growth and strategic large-scale change. In 1991 she joined Price Waterhouse, a move that broadened her understanding of how to implement strategic changes in other types of organizations. She has operated her own consulting firm since 1993, since which time she has developed a reputation for diagnosing root cause rather than symptoms, and using engaging means to design solutions for complex problems.

Her breadth of experience, combined with her academic background in psychology, education and organizational development, has helped her to develop a rich contextual understanding of the complex challenges facing organizations. This knowledge and experience is invaluable in understanding the subtleties of organizational culture, its effect on strategy implementation and performance as well as in identifying practical and implementable solutions to complex problems.

Sherrill is a frequent speaker at major conferences throughout North America
and has facilitated numerous professional development workshops focused on
building capability in managing the culture-strategy relationship in organizations. She was chair of the Conference Board of Canada’s Culture Change conference in 2006. She has spoken at conferences on the link between culture and six sigma, business process improvement, brand delivery, talent retention, innovation and more.

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