Coaching/Leadership Development

We offer coaching coupled with assessments designed to accelerate individual growth, change and performance. Our focus is on increasing leadership and management skills – particularly important during change implementation, transitioning to a new position with increased responsibilities or moving into higher management levels that require stronger leadership skills.

A sample of our assessment tools includes:

  • 360 multi-rater tools to assess effectiveness in such areas as leadership, communication and teamwork.
  • Identification of critical performance criteria for specific key positions.
  • Measurement of critical behaviors and competencies to determine natural strengths and limitations that impact superior performance. Answers questions like “How do you lead?”
  • Measurement of key values and attitudes to identify key motivators that drive behavior. Answers questions such as “Are you motivated to lead?” or “How focused are you on the bottom line?”

Our coaching process includes:

  1. Comprehensive assessment.
  2. One-on-one meeting to review assessment results, discuss personal vision and review long-term goals and the short-term goals to accomplish during coaching period.
  3. Working with the coach, the individual identifies areas for improvement and develops a list of competencies necessary to move to the next level.  Possible obstacles to achieving goals are identified.
  4. Regular, confidential one-on-one sessions usually by phone, support the coachee in maintaining focus and action in achieving interim goals.
  5. Quarterly progress reviews focus on specific measurable results.