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Don BrushDon Brush, Ph.D., President of the Renova Corporation

Dr. Brush is a leading authority on achieving corporate objectives through the alignment and integration of strategy, culture and leadership. He has spent his successful consulting career helping companies to achieve long lasting success by bringing the clarity and power that comes from a broad and deep experience in strategic planning, change management, and organizational culture. Read more

Our Belief: The intangible assets of a company – its strategy, its culture and its intellectual capital – are the most important factors in building long-term profitable growth and success.

Our Mission: To assist management in developing and integrating strategy, corporate culture and leadership to achieve exceptional results through its people.
Our Expertise: Outstanding analytical skills and deep implementation experience across a wide range of industries and cultures and a 25 year track record of success with “A” list clients.

Our Services

  • Developing an Integrated Strategy for Success Based on Management Objectives
  • Assessing and Aligning Culture and Leadership Practices with Corporate Strategy
  • Designing and Implementing Change Management Strategies Required to Achieve Corporate Objectives
  • Building teams, Leadership Development and Individual Coaching
  • Designing and Facilitating Meetings

Our Clients

our clients"Dr. Brush was instrumental in driving increased sales growth while building a high performance culture of accountability."

Marti Eulberg
Executive Vice President
Volvo, North America

Our Tools

Culture strategy Fit Profile

This web-based survey assesses the alignment among your leadership, culture and strategic value proposition... Read more


Merger and Acquisition Snapshot

This tool, comprised of 12 key factors, identifies where culture synergies as well as where tensions are most likely to occur. Read more

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Simple Steps Toward Culture Change

Simple Steps Toward Culture Change

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